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PVC Hygienic White Cladding

Distributors of Catering Clad PVC wall cladding systems in Ireland




New product line of PVC Hygienic White Cladding for commercial kitchens, bakeries, food storage, hotels, butchers or any commercial food preparation area, Plastic Wall Cladding can be applied to the inside walls of a commercial kitchen, shower rooms, bathroom, public toilers etc and is often used in homes and offices.


Plastic Wall Cladding protects against temperature, cold, and dampness. Plastic Wall Cladding is a very practical item which can finish a room without having to spend a fortune, so it is very economical. It is easy to install and does not require expensive fitters. It is very practical and easy to clean.

All of our PVC Hygienic products comply with all current food and fire regulations and contain absolutely no harmful ingredients.

Catering PVC Panel Sheet white are available in size:

>>2440 x 1220 x 2.5mm

>>2440 x 1220 x 2.0mm

Catering PVC Wall Cladding products are the highest quality and the best value for money within Ireland.

Before PVC Cladding






After PVC Cladding








Some of the applications PVC Wall Cladding products can be applied to are:


>>Commercial Kitchens

>>Wet Rooms

>>Sports/Social Centres



We also Stock Food Grade Silicone



H SectionH section

H section is used to easily join sheets together it has an antimicrobial gasket seal which effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria’s. Available in 2.44m/3.05m Lengths



J SectionJ section

J section is used as an edging particularly at the base of a sheet. We often fix this profile 100mm from the floor to allow vinyl floor to be coved under it. Available in 2.44m/3.05m Lengths.




Internal small coved corner Internal small coved corner

A small coved corner is used to provide an easy clean finish to inside corners and for example can be used at the base of shower trays to facilitate the flow of water. Available in 2.44m/3.05m Lengths



External F profile cornerExternal F profile corner

The F profile angle is used to cover external corners; one side has a groove that slides onto the sheet the other side of the angle covers the sheet. Available in 2.44m/3.05m Lengths.